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We offer the hosting of 3v3 grassroots tournaments, with the mission to hit the whole of the Midlands (regionalised qualifying round) to then progress into the ‘Finals’. This will be hosted on a separate occasion at a high quality facility.

Primarily for the Foundation Phase, clubs can enter squads of five to play against other local competition. We enter teams into the tournaments too, hand picked from our weekly 3v3 programme.


3v3 Talent ID events will be hosted for Professional Football Clubs. Joga Mundials will take over the Academy Venue for the designated time period and target the required age groups.


We will host a tournament for local clubs who will pay an entry fee to showcase their skills at their supported professional teams. Joga Mundials will leave our equipment and pitches set up and then run an internal Academy event to suit the needs of the club.


3v3 events will be full day takeovers. Joga Mundials will take over: schools, colleges, workplaces, grassroots club, birthday parties or any community organisation interested!

We will run in house 3v3 tournaments promoting a fun and engaging environment. This is a great team-building event that will promote positive working and learning environments.



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